Forget the Bumps in the Road. What About the Potholes?

You know those days, where nothing goes according to plan. It is an all out assault on your sanity and it is only 8:00 in the morning. We regress to our inner toddler and have a full-out temper tantrum. Then after said fit, we ashamedly return to our adult selves and realize that today is going to be full of potholes. A day where we fall into a sizable hole, not a bump, in the road. As I am writing, I am currently dwelling in a pothole. Oh yes, I will climb out, shake the dust off and continue to adult but for the time being, I am going to stay a while. That pesky pride takes center stage and wants to be recognized.

Multiple factors influence our actions. Pain, stress, hunger, fatigue or sickness are just a few things that can turn you into a completely different person. A person you barely recognize. I take full responsibility for my tantrum earlier. In no way am I excusing my actions. Stress-ridden at the task of traveling hours and a state away for annual medical tests has chipped away at my patience. Let me mention that on a trip to this city, our vehicle was broken into and suitcases stolen. My Bible from my grandmother was in my suitcase and my prayer has always been that God would use His Word to reach someone. Yes, back to potholes.

There are those with a centimeter size fuse and then those that have a fuse a mile long. But when it is lit, Kaboom. Unfortunately our testimony is sometimes damaged when we hit this pothole in the road. Who heard what we said? Who saw what we did? Was it a stranger? Was it a child? Was it your spouse? Or were we alone, with only our Father to see our tirade? There is always a spectator to watch us fall into that pothole. Wonderful news though, we are imperfect people who serve a perfect God.

The first step is to admit when we are wrong. In our minds we will try to justify our actions. When we hit our boiling point, the world will tell us it is o.k. to let it out and blow off steam. There are always consequences to our actions. We must accept that. Good or bad a pothole can be a teaching moment if we allow it.

The next step is to grow from it. Our behavior might have been downright shameful but did you learn something from it? Every moment we take a breath, is a teaching moment. Pray for wisdom during the cool down period. Gather your thoughts, though you may be rattled, grow. 

The last step is to be free from that pothole. We may have hit it while on the road of life but we don’t have to live in it. Whatever has hit you and knocked you down during your walk does not have to keep you down. Do not allow any carnal thing to have power over you. Tap into our Father’s power. Potholes take many forms, it is anything that causes you to stray from your path with the Lord. We may be jolted but we have a built-in shock protector, the Holy Spirit. Listen to His prompting, He will help you out of that pothole.

I can report that I have climbed out of the pothole that I was in when I started writing this post. I cast my pride away and made ammends. God can heal so much if we allow Him to intervene and not our emotions. Please keep me in your prayers for safe travels and good results. Thank y’all and God Bless.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Psalm 23:3



35 thoughts on “Forget the Bumps in the Road. What About the Potholes?

  1. I found this adorable. It might be because our car is in the shop, because we hit too many potholes. But it is all good. Hopefully the insurance will pay for the rental car and God has provided for the rest. Thanks for this post.

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  2. I love this; I have had many potholes in my daily life and more tantrums than I can count. But your message was inspiring; keep your thoughts and actions on God and you will get those bumps in the road. I have no idea what be without my faith in God. May he bless you in 2019 and Merry Christmas you and your family

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  3. Kelly, thank you for sharing how the Lord works us through those rough places. He always knows where we are and how to bring us out. Praying for your continued growth through the difficult times. If not for those times, we would not know His nearness and goodness. (Have I said that before?) 🙂 Blessings

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    1. They are not fun to be in at the moment but when we climb out and realize what God has brought us out of, we can gaze awe-struck at His delivering grace. I love how you describe them as the building blocks to a deeper faith. Great perspective!

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