When Looking Back Destroys

We have all done it; something well-meaning yet dangerous. During a season of painful reminiscence, we turn around and look at our Sodom. Those burning memories that have scorched our hearts. Flames that flicker and illuminate our faults and failures. The smoke still lingers as a reminder of what happened.  A past that the Lord has every intention of saving us from.

Every individual has a history peppered with joy, tears, anger, laughter, bitterness, love. Emotions and products of emotions form our minds and heart. Internal struggles often occur as we sort out these feelings. During this time though we can lose sight of God. The very God who is a Healer and a Rescuer.

Everyone has a Sodom with a unique blueprint. My Sodom is arranged and built very differently than yours. When I turn around and see the flames, my Adversary takes pleasure in watching me unravel and disintegrate. He thrives on my lack of faith in God and my endless doubt. The Enemy welcomes and revels in my painful stroll down memory lane.

A pile of destruction does not have to be our destination. A pressing need to look back and dwell on the past can be dealt with. God did not intend for us to face life ( past, present or future) without Him. He will and does provide a way of escape. An escape that enables us to dwell safely in His arms.

Do you find yourself being influenced to turn around and see your Sodom? If you are, please don’t. The temptation to turn around and live in the past can be so strong but we must yell for our Rescuer. He will retrieve you.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46: 1


5 thoughts on “When Looking Back Destroys

  1. Occasionally the enemy of my soul (a.k.a. “the accuser”) will remind me of something in my past that makes me feel ashamed. I’ve learned to respond with gratitude – “And just think, He’s even forgiven me of THAT! Isn’t He WONDERFUL?!” (The accuser usually leaves me alone at that point. 😉 )


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