Growing in the Dark

O.k. y’all (cue the dramatic dum dum dum, I am Southern) as followers of Christ we know that our greatest growth comes during times of adversity. When we are pressed to the wall and can barely breathe because the world has squeezed the life out of us. The little breath we do have left comes out in a whispered cry for help, that is lifted up to the throne of grace. Our petition for strength is delivered in the form of trials and tribulations sometimes.

I often petition God for wisdom and strength. What I didn’t realize, was the situations I would be placed in to aid in my growth. I am prone to feelings of self-doubt, decreased self-worth and a melancholy disposition. A crippling combination that recently has developed into anxiety. These are feelings that the enemy has hurled my way and they have  broken into my heart. I have to guard my heart from the enemy’s arrows daily. But sometimes Satan finds a weak spot in my armor and pierces straight to my heart. archer-1578365-640x960

That weak spot comes from me not properly putting on my spiritual war attire. If I heeded Ephesians 6: 10-17, I would be better equipped to dodge those arrows. Sometimes I just want to be a deserter and flee for the hills. Spiritual warfare is hard and I honestly just want to hide. How would I ever grow if I never gained the experience of spiritual combat? Even knowing that, it is still my natural inclination to disengage.

first-leaves-1165468-640x480Well, I have had a spiritual growth spurt this week. Faced with adversity, I didn’t run. I dug my heels in, gritted my teeth, guarded my tongue and didn’t react. Remembering previous battles and how they decimated my walk, I stood firmly planted and rooted in Christ. In that moment, I knew I had to give it to Christ.

I could not travel that dark road again, filled with noticeable and unseen traps

This is only one battle won, the war is still raging. As ecstatic as I may be about this victory, I can not be naive. The world will press me tomorrow, the next day and the next. Just as a tree grows and gains a new ring, my spiritual growth may gain another ring but there will be those seasons of drought that slow down the growth. It is during those dry seasons that I must tank up on the reserve of Living Water. His love will sustain me.

Have you faced a battle this week? Did you battle yourself? Did you war with your emotions? Maybe you had a weak spot in your armor?

Find the weak spot and patch it with the assurance that God’s love abounds and His strength will see you through the battle. You will emerge stronger because God will show you and grow you.

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