When “I am praying for you” Is a Reflex Reaction

We have all been there. That moment when the words, ” I am praying for you”, cascades out of our lips and showers a weary soul with comfort and relief. In our Christian life, it is almost a reflex reaction. We know that is what we are supposed to say. After all, that brother or sister is clinging to hope that they are actually being prayed for. What kind of person would tell someone that they are praying for them and then not do it? Or only pray that one time? Sadly, to find that person all we need to do is look in the mirror.

Confession time. I am ashamedly guilty of doing this. Saying I will pray for someone, then forgetting. With that said though, I am very thankful that God knows the intent of my heart. Our Father knows His children very well.  He knows that I truly am burdened for that dear one that was brave enough to ask for prayer. Yes, it can take an act of bravery to petition someone for intercessory prayer. Do I forget to pray for everyone who asks me for prayer on their behalf? Absolutely not. Do I allow life to get in the way? Yes, yes I do.

Sometimes though, we are just not in a place within our own journey that we can adequately approach the throne room for someone else. Our own burdens are sinking us and it takes every ounce of endurance to keep from drowning. How can we be focused on another’s need, if we ourselves are immersed in a sea of despair? We must tap into that supernatural strength that our Father supplies. A strength that will breathe life into our dry bones and revive our soul. Freshly revitalized we are now ready to battle and can boldly approach our sweet Savior on someone’s behalf. Please don’t misunderstand me. At our weakest we can still petition our Father with a prayer request. Our focus is elsewhere and we may not devote fervent, ceaseless prayer though. We must be healed to effectively battle.

There are seasons of busyness that crowd the thoughts of our mind and although we had every good intention, we fall short and forget to bring that request to God. Busy with homework, carpools, play practice, soccer games, jobs, vacations, cooking, …….. it is never-ending. It is o.k., we are human and we may get busy. One way to combat the busyness that may overtake a prayer request, is to immediately stop and pray for that person or situation that warrants prayer. Chances are, in a busy season of life, that request may get lost in the shuffle and never leave our lips to find its way to our Father. Make it a habit to stop in your tracks and shout it to Heaven. Also pray for your mind to be bombarded with remembrance of this prayer request. If you were the one in need of prayer, you would want to be remembered in someone’s prayers.

I have been taking a little break from my blog to focus on some things for this new year. I am still shocked that God can use someone like me. Someone that falls short every day but still manages to show His beautiful hand in my everyday life. Thank-you to each and everyone that finds their way here and likes, shares and comments. He gets all the glory. Prayer has been a big focus for me this year and I just wanted to share some little pearls that may help y’all. I am glad to be back blogging again. I can’t wait to see how this year will unfold. God is always moving and intervening on our behalf. That is so important to remember! Our prayers that fall on His ears, can move mountains and change circumstances. So when our  natural response is, ” I am praying for you”, do it!! Then continue to pray, sit back and watch God work.



15 thoughts on “When “I am praying for you” Is a Reflex Reaction

  1. Sean Nemecek

    When someone asks for prayer or I feel drawn to pray, I pray for them on the spot. “Can I pray for you right now?” Is a powerful question.
    If I can’t pray on the spot, I’ll say “I’ll pray for you as the Lord brings you to mind.” God’s memory is better than mine. He usually prompts me to pray much more often than I remember. (I think I learned this from Ruth Haley Barton’s podcast.)

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    1. I like that, telling someone that you will pray for them as the Lord brings them to mind. Remembering to add them to your prayer list can be hard to do but praying on the spot is so effective. Thank-you so much for sharing Sean 🙂 God Bless!

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  2. Hi Kelly, I used to have the same problem about saying I would pray for someone and then forget. You’re right about God knowing our heart but the solution I found was doing it right away. It only takes a couple of minutes to lift someone up in prayer and a little bonus is, when we do this, it actually is reinforced within our memory and we can lift them up again when we say our regular prayers. It seems to work for me. Grace and blessings!

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      1. I get a lot of prayer requests through text messages and I always try to stop what I am doing to send a petition to the Lord. I struggle with continuing in prayer sometimes though. I have been working on that for this year. Trying to get in the habit too of checking on that person’s prayer request. Thank-you for your honesty and wonderful feedback 🙂 God bless!


  3. Such a good read! I don’t think that I have ever heard anyone voice this before. Often when I see on social media posts about unfortunate happenings that occur in folks lives that right away the comments flood in with people stating “praying” or just using the praying hand emoji. And I’ve always thought to myself, how many of those folks are really praying for that persons situation. It’s a serious thing we say we are going to pray for someone and don’t. I know I have been more intentional in this area. Thank you for sharing.

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