Standing on the Welcome Mat and Waiting for God to Open the Door

Have you ever been so close to something but yet so far away? The excitement is palpable but yet you dwell in the land of quiet. A foreshadowing of events that sends shock waves throughout your senses. But then silence. An audible stillness with no movement detected. A change in citizenship to limbo. The welcome mat of that door you just know God is going to open, is emblazoned with the word FAITH. There you stand, firmly planted in faith.


Are you going through an endurance challenge in waiting? Has God called you to do something mighty that you know can only be accomplished through Him? Dear friend, know this, I too am standing on that welcome mat with you. It feels that some of us spend our time patiently/impatiently waiting for God to put us in the game. But what we fail to see is that time on the bench is meant to prepare us for the game.

As we wait, we have the advantage to prepare. Our full attention can be devoted to preparation and crafting our battle/game plan. We can devote our time to study, to prayer, to good works. All these things can be done while in the game but sometimes the load is heavier during game time.

The natural inclination to “put me in coach” can outweigh the importance of being prepared. Don’t ever downplay the significance of being a benchwarmer. If you know that every ounce of you is being God-called to something, don’t give up!! Please know you are not alone.

I do not possess a shred of doubt about my calling. What I do doubt is the timing. Waiting is filled with discouragement, sadness, hostility, impatience, unfaithfulness, and a lowered protection from the enemy’s attacks. When we possess these qualities, we are vulnerable. Open season on our mind has begun. The process of believing Satan’s lies becomes easier and easier. We are down, we are low, we are weak. We are not taking advantage of our time on the bench.

Brothers and sisters our perspectives must change. We must seize this time and put on Christ and warm that bench with perseverance. Do not quit, do not believe the lies, do not stop. Our impatience must not outweigh His infinite wisdom. Our time will come. Worthlessness will start to sink in but we must tap into the strength supplied by Him. With Jesus, we can conquer.

So, what is your calling? It doesn’t have to be something drenched in splendor. Little things are big things to Jesus. Don’t get lonely on that welcome mat. Boldly step through that door, prepared, when God swings it open.

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord. Psalm 27:14


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