Where were you when I needed an ear, a heart, a hand

Where were you when my feet were stuck in sand

I called, cried, shouted, yelled but no one heard

I tried, endured, fled, it was all so absurd

Giving all my time away, hoping it mattered

Crying all my tears away, my life shattered

On the brink of regret, a final choice

On the brink of mistake, came a soft Voice

I made you for a reason, please listen to Me

I made you for this world, it needs to see

The heart that beats inside you, full of love

The heart that beats inside you, sent from Above

I know it’s difficult, it’s lonely, it’s not fair

I know it’s scary, it’s sad, don’t take the dare

Find rest in Me, I will make you stronger

Find comfort in Me, hold on a little longer

I listened to Him, I took it to heart

I listened to Him, I should have from the start

Deceived, I fell into a hole

Redeemed, I have a new role




20 thoughts on “Alive

  1. beavoicefororphans

    So thankful HE does this in our lives… to even think we’re redeemable and then to believe and receive HIS love that never fails and find we are just that to then experience new life onward in our journey… Amazing grace, yes… Enduring mercy, forgiveness east to west… Fullness of compassion, loving-kindness… remain faith, hope, and love blessed… love eternal is greatest…

    Liked by 1 person

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