11,890 Words|Every Word is Held Accountable

The inevitable bombardment of New Year well wishes will undoubtedly flood your social media sites today. We will reflect on 2018 and as it comes to a close, our thoughts will become reminiscent. The things we said we would do but didn’t quite get around to it. The weight we would lose but did didn’t make it happen. The Bible reading plan we tried to read through, again didn’t make the cut. Goals of a more in-depth prayer time somehow never came to fruition. Some of us performed great things to glorify our Lord, some of us quite frankly, missed the boat.

I am not one to make resolutions for New Years, I like to make goals. One goal this year is to be aware of my words. That big number at the top is the amount of words I used on this blog for 2018. 11,890 words that I will be held accountable for, just on this blog alone. It is estimated that we will speak 860.3 million words in our lifetime!

Our words have the power to alter the course of someones life. They really are that powerful. We have the capability with our speech to encourage or we can discourage. Not only can we show others Jesus but we can speak about Him too.

So my friends, let’s use our words this year to exhort. There is always someone who needs a word of encouragement. There is always someone who needs to hear the good news. Will you, Lord willing, be able to reflect this time next year and know your words were powerful and spoke life? That is my goal and prayer for 2019, to speak intentional words for His glory. I can not wait to see what this year brings. Can you?



9 thoughts on “11,890 Words|Every Word is Held Accountable

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of words! (When I saw the title of your post, my first thought was, “I’m not going to have time to read that one!”)
    “Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18:21 My prayer partner in Michigan would always pray, “Put a guard at my mouth and a rein on my tongue.” When I realized she was asking the Lord to keep her from speaking what she shouldn’t and to guide the words she did say, I started praying that every day as well. Happy New Year!

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    1. That would be a lot of words to read on a blog post LOL! Thank-you for sharing that Ann 🙂 If we could just practice what James says, “swift to hear, slow to speak”, that alone could make a world of difference in our walk. Happy New Year to you too.

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