When Rejection Pierces Our Armor|3 Ways to Restore the Damage

Rejection can pierce the heart beyond repair, if we allow it. Everyone deals with rejection differently. There are those that let it bounce off their armor but there are the ones that let it puncture straight through to the heart. Our Creator fashioned each of us uniquely. We were all created with the capacity to feel an abundance of emotions. Along with that comes individual responses to circumstances.

1. See Your Worth Through God’s Eyes

We are created in God’s own magnificent image. Too often we have a distorted view of who we are in the world and forget who we are in Christ. If we can grasp onto and be confident of who we have been created to be, that can help lessen the pain of rejection. To have that precious seed of thought planted in our minds, that in God’s infinite wisdom He knew the world needed each of us. Our very substance was carefully thought out and implemented at His delight. There is something special in all of us that can bring immense glory to our Father. When we allow that piercing rejection to stab our hearts, we retreat and lose our value.

2. Seek God’s Truth, Don’t Rely on Emotions

Ladies, we are highly susceptible to this line of attack. Our God-given emotions are an asset but the enemy can use  a mask of concealment to cloak the truth. Rejection can hurt us to the point that we forget God’s truths. No longer do we rely on His promises but we begin to rely on our feelings. Rejection weakens us and can cause us to have temporary amnesia. We are at a loss and can barely remember who we are in Christ. This feeling of rejection belittles us and plays heavy on our emotions. Restoration can occur when we see the truth in God’s Word, all His glorious promises to His children.

3. Do Not Retreat and Withdraw from the Battle

When we find ourselves alone and brimming with rejection, that is when we will be susceptible to even more fiery darts. These darts will be poisoned with more rejection, more lies, and more hurt. Running from the problem can cause us to run from God also. We may question why He allows rejection to sting us so badly, why we can’t just toughen up. He just did not make some of His children with thick skin. Trying to find the balance between thick skin and a soft heart can seem impossible. Nothing is impossible for Christ. The daily request for God’s help does not fall on deaf ears. He hears and He is always present to heal the wounds of rejection. Charge into battle clothed in His armor.



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