Are you a Christian by Word or by Deed?

Throughout our walk we diligently pray for our Father to use us. For that instance to have the Master utilize us as His earthly instruments. That moment to let our light shine on a dark world, for His glory. Well, my moment came two days before Christmas. I will never forget her face and the fear that washed over me.

Allow me to lay out the details of my Sunday. Please stay with me this is going somewhere. We live about twenty minutes away from our church. There isn’t a great amount of time in between services. My children are in youth choir and I teach a Bible study, these things require us to be back earlier than regular service time. One can imagine the time it takes to eat lunch, look over a Bible lesson and just rest. There is only about a three hour window, with travel taking up a portion of it. I am certain some of y’alls Sundays are similar to mine.

As y’all know, last Sunday was when many churches had their Christmas service. Fresh off of a sermon about Jesus, on the way home my mind was shuffling around all of the things I needed to do. I could have changed my name from Kelly to Martha. It was nowhere near a Mary moment as it should have been. We live in a very rural area and often see people walking on the highway who need a ride. Safety is always in the back of our minds and we do not pick up everyone we encounter. We fully allow the Holy Spirit to discern and guide. During my Martha moment, with only five minutes left until we were home, my husband spotted a couple who were walking with a multitude of belongings. He gives me that look, the “should we turn around and go get them”. Begrudgingly I agree.

As we pulled up, they were sitting at an intersection of a busy highway. My husband, suit-clad and shoes shined, jumped out to talk to them. The conversation lasted all of three minutes, they gathered their things and proceeded to get in the bed of our truck. The woman was sobbing and red-faced but still managed to glance my way and give me a wave. I mustered up my best Christian smile and waved back. I typically do not get out because my children’s safety is my first priority.

Let me clarify, we are a family of five and fill our entire cab. My husband happily jumped back in to tell me the plan. In my mind, I am thinking he is about to inform me we are taking them five minutes up the road, to our local gas station. No, my friends, that is not what fell out of his mouth.

He proceeded to clue me in on “the plan”. He will be taking them to a town twenty minutes away, in the complete opposite direction of where we just came from. Remember, I am in full Martha mode right now. That tidbit was a damper on my plans but it didn’t end there. He also tells me that he is bringing me and the girls home, so he can take them where they need to go. This would entail them knowing where I live.

I am not naive and I can fully recognize the effects of drug usage on someone’s body. Sadly, their bodies had been ravaged by substance abuse. Our community bears the scars of many a life lost to drugs. Bearing this in mind, I have fear wash over me. We had just heard in church that morning that an elderly couple had been murdered during a home invasion, the suspects were still at large. These people did not fit that description but a fearful mind can wonder.

At this point I was shaken and upset that my husband was nearing our home. We quickly ran over a couple of alternate plans but at that time, we felt that was the only option. As we pulled into the driveway, I instructed my children to quickly get out and go straight to the porch. I gathered my things and looked up at the woman as I passed. Tears had turned to laughter. The burden, for the moment, had been lifted off her shoulders. My mind eased somewhat as our conversation turned to the shoes I was wearing. A common thread among women.

During that brief exchange of words, I realized this is what it is about. The difference in her demeanor was palpable. In a mere five minutes, her tear stained face was sporting a beautiful smile. My husband willingly stepped out on faith, and without incident, was a blessing to someone. Me, not so much. A lesson was to be learned that day. When you are pressed to do something uncomfortable and frightening, will you yield? Or are you only a Christian when it is convenient and no danger is in sight? When there is no chance of getting your “Sunday best” dirty.

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. James 1:22



6 thoughts on “Are you a Christian by Word or by Deed?

  1. Loved your post Kelly. You have no idea how many times my wife has gone the extra mile and dragged me behind her. Having been in the military I like EVERYTHING to unfold as I have planned it but my wife just bolts out and invites people to supper when I’ve only planned for two (I do the cooking) or gives all kinds of our stuff away or gives money to beggars etc. Funny part is, she has me doing it now when she is not there. Our mates in life can be gifts depending on how we learn from them. Chaos is NOT my strong suit but my wife’s motto is “there’s always enough”. I really think God has a sense of humor. Have a blessed day!

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    1. Just when we think we have it all planned out, God shows us who He is 🙂 Your wife must be a lovely person. I love that, “there’s always enough”. We can’t outgive God, He always has a way of bringing it back to us. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts. Hope you have a great day in the Lord!

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  2. Kelly, this is another beautiful story. I have heard others during the last two weeks. The Spirit does protect us, even as He leads us to help others. Thank you for sharing such a moving experience for you and your family. What a great witness to those who needed help. Blessings for the new year. 🙂

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    1. Amen my friend! My husband was able to share and show Jesus before he left them. Not only were seeds planted in their hearts but my girls are always watching and precious seed was planted in their young, tender hearts as well. Have a happy and blessed New Year Frances 🙂

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