Alone, alone at last, secure and free

Falling. Deeper,  darker. Tumbling down

False security, the snare caught me

World shouts, better a smile than a frown

Refusal to participate, isolation wins

Trap was sprung, bait was taken

No one to see all my filthy sins

My faith was damaged, shaken

Away from the flock, the Shepherd looks

Lost, lost to be never retrieved

Searching through valleys and brooks

The enemy captured me, thoughts deceived

Isolation is comfortable, an old friend

It embraces  me and won’t let go

My Shepherd finds me, His strength to lend

No longer alone, tears cease to flow

My Savior battles, this one is Mine

You can’t have her, she is under the blood

Enemy defeated, His glory is divine

Comforting love, washes over in a flood




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