Drowning in a Sea of Pinterest Quotes?

Pinterest is my social media happy place. Where else can you fall out of your chair laughing at a Kermit the Frog meme while learning how to decorate dog biscuits for Daisy’s Christmas stocking? Those lovely Pinterest fails, that make us realize we are not alone in trying  to make a watermelon baby or pose our offspring in a basket. But those quotes though. One can drown in the sea of Pinterest quote pins. wave-1-1183422-1278x849

I don’t know about you but my Pinterest feed is filled with inspirational quotes, sayings and Bible verses. Those are the subjects that really interest me. Through the years though, as my spiritual maturity has grown, I have learned I need to let the Holy Spirit discern what I read.

There are so many various opinions about what God is saying or doing. “A blessing is coming your way”, ” Satan only fights this hard when a victory is near”.  I also see quotes that can appeal to the flesh. Telling us things like, “May the bridges I burn light the way” or ” I am sorry I bothered you, you only want me when you need something”. You get the gist of it.

The enemy knows when I am having a bad day. When I hop on Pinterest that bad day becomes mixed with worldly quotes that appeal to how my flesh is feeling at that moment. I think to myself, “yeah, burn that bridge with a thousand fires”. I am justified right? Other people are going through what I am, here is the pin to prove it. This is what I need to do, burn that bridge. bridge-1224123-639x426

Wait a minute. Calm down and think of the One I serve. God did not send His Son so  I would burn bridges, He came so I would build bridges. Yes, thank-you Holy Spirit for that conviction and getting me back on track.

We must be guarded for Satan’s attacks at all times. Even Pinterest is a battleground.

I remember a childhood song that has a line, be careful little eyes what you see, for the Father up above is looking down in love. So even though I have those fleshly thoughts, I can confess it to the One who knows my name. I can rest easy knowing that even though I fail Him, He will never fail me. I can lay my matches aside and build, not burn.



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