Beautiful Feet That Take Us Down Ugly Paths

feet-1509346-639x398How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! Isaiah 52: 7.  Do you have beautiful feet? Our feet take us down many paths. Along the way they can become soiled, callused, cut, blistered. We must be careful of what paths we choose to tread. The ground is full of dirt, thorns, glass, and sand. What do you bring as you walk your path in life?

Wherever your feet may take you, do you bring good tidings? Do you carry the good news? The news that Jesus saves. The news that His grace is sufficient. As Christians we can forget the good news. A tendency to focus on all the bad creeps in. Our guard is lowered and Satan sneaks in. He is subtle. It is a calculated attack. He studies us and is very cunning in his methods. One thought of, “Oh no she is coming this way, now I have to talk to her”. Over time can grow to a disdain and an annoyance with someone God created in His own image. How highly we think of ourselves. As if no one has ever thought that of you?

Now, I tell you this because the finger is pointed right back at me. I realize not everyone is going to get along and God knows that too. But we also know that Jesus died for them and loves them the same. Jesus tenderly thinks of all the people who bother you and loves the beautiful creation that He has created. You can choose to see the annoying person or see the one that longs for some acceptance, that longs for a friendship.

Our feet can take us down the path of self-righteousness, a callus formed and hardened. The idea that we are so good and we do so much for the Lord. It looks pretty on the outside but what does your heart reveal? Is it stony or is it a heart of flesh? You see we can become career Christians, adding things to our resume because it looks good. We are all guilty. Gave a shoebox at Christmas? Did that. Bought a few generic can goods for the food pantry? Did that too. Filled in for a Sunday School class? Check.

This does not apply to everyone and praise God for it. Praise God for his grace too and His ability to give us chance after chance to get it right. He still sits on the throne and is the God of second chances. Whatever path you choose to stomp on, tread lightly on, run on or walk on, I want you to remember something. Jesus has already walked the path ahead of you and has left a trail, should you get lost, that leads right back to Him.

©Kelly Comeaux, Chipped Vessel

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Feet That Take Us Down Ugly Paths

  1. I’m reminded of a little children song
    Oh be careful little feet where you walk
    Oh be careful little feet where you walk
    Cause the Father above is looking now with love
    Oh be careful little feet where you walk

    Let’s make sure we walk in love lead by Holy Spirit
    Thank you Kelly


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