plate-1556951-1280x960Leftovers. You either love them or despise them. Cold pizza, um yes please. But what about your personal leftovers? The bits and pieces that remain after a meal of carnality or after a meal of spiritual food. What is your meal of choice? Are you dining with the Heavenly Master or does Satan have you a seat saved at his table?

If you were to take a gander at the menu of carnality, you may find some less than appealing selections. I think I will pass on the to-go box.

  • An angry countenance with a sprinkle of wrath
  • An adulterous heart with a side order of lust
  • A jealous spirit with a cup of discontent

Now lets see what is on the menu of Heavenly treasures. A menu that is rich in spiritual goodness. Can I get seconds please?

  • A longsuffering mind with a dash of endurance
  • A joyful heart with a glass of encouragement
  • An ever-praising mouth with a slice of faith

One is full of poison that we willingly ingest on a daily basis. It leaves us with leftovers not fit for your family, friends, yourself or most importantly, God. Poisonous morsels that taint and destroy. A choice of a jealous spirit will not only cause jealousy but it will cause you to be discontent. Always wanting what someone else has and never fully enjoying what God has given you.

The Master’s menu has the most divine of selections. Selections that are possible because Jesus already paid the price for us. A choice of overflowing joy that springs forth, that can’t be contained. A travel cup of encouragement that is used everywhere you go. These leftovers are shared amongst everyone. You see, a little piece of these leftovers are dropped everywhere you go. Hansel and Gretel style, with a trail that leads back to our Father’s house.

When the Master calls you to dine, which menu will you choose? If you choose wrong, there is always a path back to Him. Don’t forget that grace is offered at every meal. Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine. John 21:12a

© Kelly Comeaux, Chipped Vessel

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