roadtrip-1-1506945-640x480Hello 2018. There is just something about a new year. A new beginning. A fresh start. Didn’t lose those ten, five pounds? It will be o.k. A new season of grace and a sprinkling of mercy is ahead. Lot was offered a new beginning also. The opportunity to run back to God. His wife was given the same chance but chose contrary to her husband.

As humans we tend to hold on to things, experiences, and feelings. During different seasons of our life we either drive forward or use our mirrors to see what’s behind us. A standard vehicle is equipped with a rearview mirror, two side mirrors and a front windshield.

When we are steering our life, with Him in control, we stay the course and look forward. Sometimes though we take our eyes off the road in front of us and check our mirrors. A gaze at the rearview mirror will show what’s behind us. All the past regrets, tears, love, deliverance, joy, encouragement, hurt, smiles. It is all there, looking at us. Take a look in the side mirrors. You get a different viewpoint from both.

Choose the left side and you see all the defeat that is left, the emptiness that is left, the pain that is left, the guilt that is left. A choice of the right side will reveal the strength, the endurance, the faith, the love, the patience.

Which mirror do you use? All of them. The rearview mirror shows the whole picture. A viewing of all the events in a lifetime. The left side mirror shows what God delivered us from. The right side mirror reminds us that God is still present and never left us. The windshield gives us something to look forward to. New paths to traverse, under His guidance. A shield to protect when the wind comes our way.

As you reflect on last year, don’t be Lot’s wife. Don’t long to go back. Embrace the new beginning God has given you. At this exact moment in your life, you have a purpose. Ask Him to show you what your purpose is in 2018. Take hold of a fresh start and get busy for the Lord. Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established. Proverbs 16:3

© Kelly Comeaux, Chipped Vessel

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