Pinterest Quote Fail #1

Alright y’all I have had this on my heart for a while. I want to start a series on Pinterest quote fails. I did a post recently about drowning in Pinterest quotes. One can get overwhelmed with so many conflicting messages. Not all quotes are created equal and some can damage your walk. We can not be easily deceived into thinking that Pinterest is harmless. Spiritual warfare is just a click or swipe away. I will be giving some examples in this series. About how they are not very helpful because they do not line up with the Word.


Oh, this one stabs right to my heart. Pinterest you got me. I rationalize this in my mind on a daily basis. If we can get away from the source of our struggle, our pain, our tears then we will be o.k., right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Continual isolation is not the answer. Yes, Jesus did get away from the multitude to think and pray. But He didn’t dwell and take up residence in the solitude. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we must get away from the busyness to get closer to our Father. It shouldn’t be a permanent abode.

When we are absent from the flock, we are vulnerable. The destroyer comes around looking for the weak one, the one that is not protected in the fold. Has God left us when we are alone? Absolutely not. Are we weaker? Yes. Are we safer? No. In our minds though, we feel safer. Nothing can hurt us if we do not involve ourselves with the source of the pain. A wall of Jericho is erected around us but what happened to those walls? They came down.

Our hurt can be manifested into strength. If we let God fight our battles, He will strengthen us. There will be no need to build walls around our feelings. We will still hurt, we will still cry, we will still want to be alone. That’s what the enemy wants, us to return to our old habit of isolation. Cry it out, shout it out, pray it out. Please don’t “alone” it out. There is strength in numbers. If you don’t have the “numbers” in your life, know that you have a friend that sticketh closer than a brother. Our sweet Savior.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

Our own understanding will want to be alone, it will want to flee. Our lives must be placed in His hands and surrounded by walls of love and trust. When you have the inclination to disengage and be all alone, please don’t. If you are prone to being alone, it is an urge that is hard to combat. But God will supply the need, the need to not run.


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