With One Accord

Have you ever noticed that a bad day is usually not just one isolated incident? It is a collection of many moments of pure “badness”. Yes, I have actually cried over spilled milk. Only because of the 20,000 things that went wrong before that. The ability to properly rationalize things becomes weakened when Satan is throwing his darts at us. We don’t think clearly, because we were not designed to handle it all. Although, we try and do it everyday.

That they gathered themselves together, to fight with Joshua and with Israel, with one accord. Joshua 9:2. The “they” in this verse speaks of some of the “ites” that came against Joshua and the children of Israel. Notice that they all came together. Satan knows how to wage war on us. He brings it all together. All the pieces, the emotions, all come hurling at you, with one accord. Satan knows us. He has studied us. You may not cry over spilled milk after being up all night with a toddler, but he knows I will. If you don’t get 50 likes, is it going to ruin your day? Will it bring you emotionally down because the quick fix of acceptance to get you through the day, didn’t happen? Then it snowballs from there. Emotionally down and weak, we are more susceptible to attack. We must make a conscience effort every morning to put on our Armor of God. Don’t try to fight Satan on your own, he will win every time.

© Kelly Comeaux, Chipped Vessel

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