God in a Junk Drawer

Yes, you read that title right. Of course we could never imagine putting our precious, Heavenly Father in something that holds birthday candles and twine. How highly we think of ourselves. Well sister, get your ladder and come down from that pedestal. I’ll wait. Here is a  news flash. Not only do we put God in a box and place Him on a shelf, we also put Him in a junk drawer. Let me explain before you tap away from here.

The phrase” we put God in a box” sounds a lot nicer than what we actually do. We throw Him into our junk drawer of life and rummage around when we need Him. Things need to be taken out before we can find what we are looking for oftentimes. Our “junk” can cause a lot of frustration. Oh, it is possible to find what we are looking for by shuffling a few things around. But true joy comes when we take everything out. Start clean and fresh with eyes focused on the Master. To thoroughly clean the junk out of our lives  we have to prevent and maintain. This prevention and maintenance comes strictly from Him.

Wondering how to prevent and maintain? Keep following to find out.

© Kelly Comeaux, Chipped Vessel


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